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Transformative Forms: Crafting Smart Responses, One Answer at a Time

Discover the power of adaptive form building, where every answer leads to tailored experiences

Why Do I Need An Intuitive Form Builder?

In the realm of online interaction, a static form simply doesn't cut it anymore. Our form builder goes beyond basic data collection by dynamically adapting to user responses. With custom paths and redirects based on answers, you're not just gathering information; you're enhancing the user experience in real-time. Elevate interactions and guide your audience purposefully.

Let Me Show You How It Works…

Form Logic

Create dynamic forms that change based on user input. Ask relevant questions and skip unnecessary ones, ensuring a streamlined experience tailored to each respondent.

URL Redirects Based On Answers

Guide users purposefully post-submission. Depending on their responses, redirect them to specific pages or content, enhancing their journey and interaction with your brand.

Store Custom Data, Images, & Signatures

Capture a wide variety of data effortlessly. From basic text inputs to image uploads and digital signatures, our forms cater to diverse requirements, ensuring comprehensive data collection.

Multiple Page Surveys

Divide and conquer. Create in-depth surveys spanning multiple pages, allowing for a structured, organized approach to data gathering, making it easier for users to complete longer forms in stages.

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Appointment Scheduling

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Unified Inbox

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SMS Marketing

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Email Marketing

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Phone System

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A/B Testing

Run A/B tests on your CloseGPT Agents to increase response rates


Hosted forms for surveys, to capture leads, and more.


Accept payments for single purchases or subscriptions. Includes invoicing and connects to multiple payment gateways. 

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Frequently Asked Questions.

What makes these forms different from standard online forms?

Our forms are designed to be dynamic and adaptive. Rather than presenting users with a static list of questions, our form builder can adjust the questions based on the user's previous responses, ensuring a personalized and streamlined experience.

How can Form Logic improve my data collection process?

Form Logic allows you to create tailored question paths for your users. For example, if a user indicates they're a first-time customer, subsequent questions can be tailored to gather more introductory information. Conversely, returning customers might be guided to different, more relevant sections. This ensures that you're always collecting the most pertinent data without overwhelming or irritating your audience.

Can I guide users to different web pages based on their form responses?

Yes! With our URL redirect feature, you can send users to specific pages based on their answers. This can be incredibly useful for guiding users to targeted resources, product recommendations, or even special offers tailored to their needs and interests.

Is it possible to collect more than just text responses with your forms?

Absolutely. Our forms are designed to capture a wide variety of data, including text inputs, image uploads, and even digital signatures. This flexibility ensures you can gather all the necessary information for your business processes.

How do multiple page surveys benefit the user?

Multiple page surveys allow for a more organized and digestible approach to data collection. Instead of overwhelming respondents with a long list of questions on a single page, you can break down the survey into sections or topics. This format not only makes the process more manageable for users but can also lead to higher completion rates as they can navigate through the form at their own pace.

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